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Sasha's guide to be a Sexy Duelist

January 19, 2016 by Orphelan
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Effective Duelist

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Sasha's guide to be a Sexy Duelist

January 19, 2016

About me


My name is Sasha and I want to help those players who want to play Legion Commander.

If you already read one of my other guides you probably know I try to maximize the effective damage. In this guide I tried the same.
Usually I play a lot with Legion Commander and I always spend so much time to try things.

My experience:

More Information - Click HERE

Imortant Things

What kind of Hero?

Legion is a DPS hero. It means you need to balance the damage and attack speed.
Not a support but you can heal your teammates a bit with the Press the Attack. Also good on carries. It's just an option but very effective.
She is not a tank at all and also a very team based hero especially in early and mid game and sometimes in late game too.
Even if you have 200 duel damage you can lose the game if your team is bad (mostly in public) because Legion is squishy!
I would say one of my favorite heroes ever.

Proper jungler?

I think she is an OK jungler and sometimes you have to go into the jungle to complete your farm. For example against 2 ranged enemies you can't really farm but if you buy Soul Ring that can help a lot.
Ranged enemies won't let you farm at all! In this case I go to the jungle to COMPLETE my farm by neutral camps.


This ability is very underestimated! In early game this ability is amazing to harass or farm. Lot of legion just don't use it properly. It gives you temporally movement speed if you use it on heroes or creeps. More enemy means more speed.
If you can, use it before the Duel, if you need to escape, to kill Low HP enemies, farming camps/creeps/Spiderlings/ILLUSIONS. Yeah one of the best thing using this ability to kill illusions because more creeps/illusion means more damage.

Always use this before every Duel. It gives you attack speed and healing bonus. Can heal yourself or your teammates.

This is your lifesteal. It's passive and it works when the enemy hits you.

Definitely it makes Legion a unique and fun hero. Dueling looks easy but it's not. You need to do it properly. I will explain in another section how to use it.

Skill Priority

The skill build depends on the lane and the enemies. That's why I prefer PRIORITY and not fixed skill build.

Mid or Lane

> > >

My Build on level 6 is Usually 2 - 2 - 1 - 1
It's very good for farming and defending the tower. Duel is always the first priority no need to explain why. The 2nd skill is the Overwhelming Odds because it gives you the big farming potential. Press the Attack and Moment of Courage are equal I would say but I prefer PTA for supporting and healing. Level 1 MOC is enough to defend yourself.


If you want to jungling from the beginning.

> > >

After level 6 my build is this 1 - 2 - 2 - 1
As you can see this is totally different than the Lane build because you need healing in the jungle. MOC gives you the healing ability and the PTA can boost your life regen and also provides attack speed.

Tips and Tricks

More Information - Click HERE

Starting Items


Basic Build but you can buy Ring of Protection instead of the Quelling Blade.

Middle or Solo Lane

Buy Bottle or Soul Ring ASAP please!


Iron Talon for to speed up the jungle income. Tango helps to survive the early stage.
Use Ion Talon on Big creeps first.
On level 1 the MOC is enough to heal you against easy camps and after level 2 the PTA can heal you completely.

Items and Builds

Legion is a DPS hero, so we need to pick DPS items. It means attack speed is important. Damage come from the Duel, so we need to balance it.

Effective items

They are the most effective items on Legion but the combination and the playstyle are different. It means they provides the best DPS in the right combo.
I give you some item build to show you the pro and con concept.
You can make your own build with these recommended items but Choose Wisely! some combination looks good but you will lose damage and attack speed.
I recommend the Assault Cuirass+ Black King Bar+ Desolator for mandatory items, so you have 3 more slots for your own combination.

Dream Build

Yes, dream! It gives you the best DPS but just too expensive. No BKB, no blink, just pure damage!


My personal Build

This is my favorite because it's close to the "Dream build". I learnt to play with this combination because there is no Blink dagger. No need it! The Phase Boots + Sange and Yasha provides a ~430 base movement speed and 490 active speed. Very easy to catch enemies or run away.
Have BKB, crazy movement speed, very HIGH DPS and the most important ARMOR! Legion has no armor and that's why we have to build it. It needs different playstyle and could be tricky when you try this first but it's very effective! You can hit hard with this.

Evasion Penetrate Build/Alternate Main build

This build against Dodge/Evasion/Parry heroes. The DPS is the same as the 1st build but you need 1k more gold. If you don't like the game without Blink Dagger, this is your build. The monkey king bar will negate all evasion on your enemies. There is Armor, BKB, and Blink Dagger too.

My Lite Build

It's very cheap and built for Team play when I don't want to be the hardest carry in my team. It's usually a simple carry build. Not the best damage nor attack speed but still very good because the Blade mail can compensate the lack of damage in early and mid game.
Good for Farming too. Have BKB, Blink and early game kill potential.

Silver Edge Build

I made this build because I have been asked for.
Sange and Yasha can be repleaced with another item like Skull Basher or Crystalys but highly recommended to keep it. Sange and Yasha + Phase Boots combo provides the movement speed and without it you would be slow.
For this build you need to sacrifice something, movement Speed or armor. If you have enough gold you can have both and you can replace the Maelstrom wirh Assault Cuirass. The movement speed gives you the gank potential and not just the invisibility. Keep it in mind, use the Silver Edge and after that YOU NEED TO HIT THE ENEMY FIRST to disable him/her for 5 sec!
Have BKB, great speed, and silver edge.

Replaceable items

More Information - Click HERE

BAD Replacents

More Information - Click HERE

How to play

I will show you how I play usually. Lot of players play differently but there are some crucial thing that we can't change.


Doesn't matter where you paly. Mid/Lane/Jungle Legion can play everywhere.
I prefer Dire TOP or Radiant BOT this way I can go to the jungle if I can't farm or if someone wants to be alone.

This is the farming stage. You have low damage.
You have only 1 job: Try to farm and survive (aka play safe).

More Information - Click HERE


The next item is the Sange and Yasha or the Blink Dagger. For now I have the ability to catch enemies easily.

We have the Phase Boots + Armlet of Mordiggian + Sange and Yasha. What next?
It's the tricky part. The next item depends on the game, enemies, how you can farm etc.

The rule I try to follow:
- If there are 2 disablers/stunner I build Black King Bar.
- If the enemy has high Armor heroes or I can't farm properly I build the cheap Desolator.
- If I can farm/I have gold I build the most Expensive item usually it's the Assault Cuirass.
- If there is an enemy with Evasion try to build the Monkey King Bar.

5-man/Team fight in mid game
More Information - Click HERE


The playstyle is basically the same as in the MID GAME. I prefer to kill supports first and then carries.
In late game if you have proper items and damage the 1v1 is not a problem anymore even without using DUEL.

How to use the Duel

1. Hunt down/gank the enemy
3. Use Damage booster like Armlet of Mordiggian
2. Use Press the Attack
4. Use Blink Dagger if you have it
5. Use Black King Bar (always use this AFTER the Press the Attack ability)
6. Use Duel

Like you can see this is a 4 - 5 buttons combo. You have to deal with it and learn how to do it fast! Only 3 when I use the Sange and Yasha Build

How to counter Linken's Sphere

Enemies with Linken could be so brave because they think you can't use the Duel against them. If your team use disables on Linken heroes you can use DUEL OR... sacrifice a damage item and buy Force Staff or Eul's Scepter of Divinity and use them before the DUEL. It's cheap, problem solved!


When not to pick?

- If your team has no support DON'T pick Legion!
- I think Legion can't handle lot of disables and stuns. So, if the enemy team has 2+ disablers I don't recommend Legion.

More Information - Click HERE


You probably noticed the most scenario is about using Duel. And why is that?
Because enough Duel damage is like a Lite but permanent version of the Divine Rapier.
That's how Legion can be very strong and destroy enemies with a few hits.
Legion is basically a 1v1 hero. In Early and Mid game she needs help to be fat and win the game WITH the Team. Very fun to play with her.

Good Luck!


2015. 07.16
- Added more information about enemies.
- Added Linken"s sphere counter possibilities.
2015. 07.18
- Added Silver Edge build.
2016. 01.19
- Added Iron Talon and Tango for jungle.

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