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Faction:The Dire
Primary Attribute: Universal
Attack Type: Ranged
Role(s): lane-support,disabler,escape

Snapfire's Stats

STR 117 at 30 (21 + 3.2/level)
AGI 52 at 30 (16 + 1.2/level)
INT 84 at 30 (21 + 2.1/level)
Health 1959 at 30
Mana 1180 at 30
Damage 44 - 50
Range 500
Armor 3.7
Movement 300


Snapfire unloads with a wide blast that damages and slows enemies in a cone. Enemies caught at...

Firesnap Cookie

Snapfire feeds a potent cookie to Mortimer or an ally, causing them to hop a short distance. The...

Lil' Shredder

Snapfire heats up her mounted turret to rapidly fire 6 fixed-damage attacks. Each attack reduces...

Mortimer Kisses

Snapfire's friend launches a barrage of firespit globs over 5.5 seconds. Globs cause impact...

Snapfire's Talents

+6 Mortimer Kisses Launched
Lil' Shredder Uses 100% of Your Attack Damage
+60 Mortimer Kisses Impact Damage
3x Lil Shredder Multishot
-4s Firesnap Cookie Cooldown
+2 Lil Shredder attacks
Firesnap Cookie restores 175 health
+70 Scatterblast Damage

Snapfire's Lore

Beatrix Snapfire and her dragon toad Mortimer are a welcome sight to the ragged folk who scratch out lives along the desert routes and oases scattered throughout Nanarak, the rain-forsaken gateway to the Outlands.

As well known for her unrivaled skills as a weaponsmith as for dispensing wisdom, mirth, and the meanest firesnap cookies the world has ever seen, Beadie's survived to a ripe old age in a young keen's trade by being quick with her wits and even quicker with her guns.

Indeed, the Outlands are littered with the bones of bandits and ne'er-do-wells who thought to take advantage of her small stature and propensity for kindness.

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