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Vengeance is My Name: Building a Proper Carry Venge

September 24, 2014 by UnrulySupportGuy
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Carry Venge

DotA2 Hero: Vengeful Spirit

Vengeance is My Name: Building a Proper Carry Venge

September 24, 2014

UnrulySupportGuy's Guide To Venge

Hello, everyone, welcome to my first guide. If the items don't explain themselves up above this, then obviously I don't get the entire "purchase order" thing, and I'll talk about them in the next segment.
Now, Vengeful Spirit is one of the most underrated semi-carry supports in the game and people don't realize how versatile she really is. She has an amazing stat gain, which allows her to get tankier as the game goes along, and though her mana pool has some short comings, nothing a few of the right items won't fix. I don't like to play her as a full support because she feels so squishy ever since I became playing her semi-support, but she can do that as well which I will give a guide to eventually. She's also a contender for mid if no one has picked a particular mid hero or you want to go smurfing. She has two abilities which go through magic immunity and her one that doesn't is a delicious nuke with a stun. And as this guide will show, she can also carry extremely well.

When To Pick Venge (and when not to)

There are certain situations where Venge isn't really suited, especially since her mana pool is so poor in the beginning, and you'll have to work around having someone else have a stun and armor reduction, but for the most part, she's pretty good all around.

When to pick a carry Venge:
-When your team doesn't have a "proper" carry or a hard carry
-The other team has little teamfight potential
-The other team has a lot of strength heroes
-If you realize halfway through the lane you support can't farm
-The other team's carry is also really squishy

Sometimes it's true, carries can't last hit or you're laned with a Lion or some other hard support. Other times you're laned against two ranged heroes who do nothing but harrass your poor melee buddy out of lane. Venge stacks better late game than most supports, and she's not dependent on her Aghanim's Scepter upgrade so she's able to buy more useful items.

When not to pick a carry Venge
-When the other team has a good teamfight setup
-The other team has heroes which drain/steal int.
-Your team has a hard carry already and the seconds spot isn't open to you
-Your team needs a tower pusher or a hard support

The entire idea behind Vengeful Spirit is displacement of the enemy heroes and killing them before they have a chance to react. I rarely ever martyr swap because honestly there's no real benefit to it, unless the other team's carry has no escape. Plus it gets you more reports than commends, say, if you swapped an enemy Faceless Void into your team because you thought Chronosphere was down and he ended up murdering your people. Silencer and Outworld Devourer are also huge problems for Venge, because of the int. stealing. Her mana pool is bad enough as it is, you don't need an early gank on top or mid screwing it further. She's not much of a teamfighter until late game with her Vengeance Aura, and even then, there's heroes geared towards that who make better choices. This Guide treats Venge as a single hero slaughterfest.

The Game Progression

Early Game
There is only one time that you don't get your Magic Missile at lvl 1, and that's when you're going mid to get undisputed farm. Even if your lane partner knows that you're going to carry, you want that stun up and running for your partner in case he's in trouble or you have a double stun lane going on. Always get 2 Iron Branch, a Healing Salve, Tango, and the Observer Ward, even if you are going to carry. Also if you're going mid, which you level your Wave of Terror first, due to her base damage being less than optimal, which allows you to last hit better. I'd still say use it sparingly, because it pushes the wave. Going mid, always get a Bottle, because Venge makes a decent ganker with the stun and the minus armor. After Bottle, get your brown boots and finish your treads for the additional health and attack speed (some of you might prefer the Ring of Aquila after boots for the mana gen and the tower push if your lane is missing, but I've found it easier to build Yasha first), but if the farm is really good, try building into Yasha first for the additional move speed. this also allows you for early ganks since your damage and your chase speed is improved. If you find your lanes pulled back, try to gank. Make sure your team has either a slow or a follow up stun to secure the kill. Dragon Knight , Lion , Sand King , and Visage are always a pleasure to have in this situation.
Mid Game
I consider it mid game for Venge when either the tower is taken or you have level six and some good farm. If the mid lane is squishy enough, allow their wave to push up by focusing your efforts on denying your creeps. THE VERY SECOND A MID STEPS HIGH GROUND YOU SWAP HIM UNDER TOWER, STUN, WAVE OF TERROR, RIGHT CLICK. I have never once done this and not gotten a kill, because even though her Nether Swap lvl 1 is atrocious, even with it's upcoming 700 range buff, it gets the job done. Finish Sange and work on that Blink Dagger. Being able to initiate without having to use your swap allows you more chase time and a chance to have your stun up and running for another use. Make sure you're using your ability to gank and melt creep waves to take towers so you can start striving towards Desolator. In certain cases though, you might want to consider Orchid Malevolence, which is 25 gold higher but also a little easier to assemble. for instance, if the enemy can blink away or turn invisible (which you should have dust) or use any other skill to prevent you from chasing. plus the 30% damage amp is really nice for her right click and is more geared towards the team. Desolator is still in her core, because stacking her W and with more armor reduction makes tanky heroes like Wraith King, Axe, and Centaur Warrunner melt like chocolate chips on a hot summer day. That gives it priority over other DPS items like Mjolnir, which, while they allow you to hit faster, doesn't let you and your team hit harder.
Since Venge is a utility carry, meaning she wasn't meant to fill the number one farm spot, she needs a good snowball, which can be accomplished by either tower gold or ganks on the enemy team, particularly through the enemy jungle. She has just enough jarring abilities to secure practically any kill. If you see lanes that have been left alone, push them rather than going into a teamfight, unless the enemy Enigma is particularly good at landing that black hole. A good split push goes a long way. If you can't split push and there is no real teamfight going on, start farming your jungle or wander through the enemy's to find some kills with a fellow stun or DPS.
Late Game
Late Game is around the 40-50 minute mark, where half the time spent is in the jungle, farming those creeps or ancients to get just enough money to finish that game changing item, and this is where Venge is the most useful as well. Assuming you have your core items, you can start building the situational items, like the Orchid, Heaven's Halberd, or Monkey King Bar. The Halberd I would build if you're fighting a Bloodseeker or a Bristleback, or frankly anyone with a lot of right click that can outlast your armor reduction and stun. Should give you enough time to TP away or, if you're ballsy enough, fight them to the last breath. MKB is for lots of damage and has a nice mini-stun to it, very useful in fighting Phantom Assassin. I chose Linken's Sphere over Black King Bar because there's always that chance someone might realize how dangerous you really are and start using things that go through magic immunity to stop you. Really it depends, like versus Skywrath Mage you should obviously get BKB, against Doom, Linken's sphere would be a better choice. Daedalus is always a great choice, especially when the enemy has lots of armor, but if you want to focus on attack speed for that maim chance with S&Y, get Mjolnir. Enemy HP really doesn't matter to Venge at this point, since she gives in total -13 armor which should still be enough to reduce a hero's armor to zero. If you happen to need a tank so your team can use their abilities without harassment, The Eye of Skadi is a expensive, but worth the pickup.


While Venge is not the world's greatest carry, her potential is undeniable, and with all of her utility she makes not only a great lane partner, but a force to be reckoned with in the later stages of the game. She's dependent on items unfortunately, but it's well worth it in the end. So to quickly sum up how to properly carry Venge:
-secure lane farm.
-get Treads and Yasha
-gank jungle
-get blink
-build damage
-swap to kill, not to save

I hope you enjoyed this guide, and good luck convincing pub matches to let you carry.


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