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Weaver, the Puny Pubstomper

March 28, 2016 by ZangooseTheLonley
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Any Lane

DotA2 Hero: Weaver

Hero Skills

The Swarm



1 3 5 7

Geminate Attack

2 4 8 9

Time Lapse

6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18


Hello! I'm ZangooseTheLonely (known in-game as Compsognickthus), and this is a guide to Weaver, probably the only hero in the game I know well enough to confidently talk about.

I see Weaver as an excellent hero throughout the entire game, capable of quite easily earning first blood and, when sufficiently farmed, has the capability to earn rampages throughout the entire endgame.



Strong throughout the game
Can solo the bottom lane, leaving room for a jungler
Can melt even the tankiest of heroes in the late game
Makes a great Divine Rapier and Aegis of the Immortal holder


Very squishy
Tiny mana pool
Stuns can prevent any form of escape

Understanding Weaver's Abilities

The Swarm

The Swarm is an ability that causes small damage over time and reduces the armor of your opponents as well. To be frank, I honestly don't get much use from this ability... ever. Once you build a Desolator, you have vastly superior armor reduction capabilities than this ability provides.

You'll never really finish any fleeing opponents with it, either- any creeps or towers they run into will shoot it off before it manages to do any serious damage. Additionally, using the skill early will absolutely obliterate most of the small starting mana pool you have. I take it once at level 10, which gives most of the benefits excluding a lower cooldown and averting a higher mana cost. I then level stats over it until I have no choice but to upgrade it.


Shukuchi is the one of the primary skills of Weaver, and proves to be one of the reasons he is so annoying to defeat when played right. For a constant 60 mana, Weaver can use this ability to buff his movement speed to the maximum (and become unable to be slowed) as well as go invisible for four seconds. The cooldown lowers as you upgrade this ability as well, ultimately leaving you with a two-second effective cooldown on it (as in, you can keep using it and only have to wait for two seconds after the duration is up to use it again). Finally, if you pass through an enemy while using this ability, you do 75-150 damage.

What this means is that you have an ability providing invisibility that is still quite useful even if the enemies buy true sight and that works as a nice nuke during the early-mid game. This makes chasing fleeing enemies a breeze, escaping with a sliver of health not a chore, and turns Weaver into the inescapable pest he is. This should always be maxed first to increase its damage potential and lower its downtime.

Geminate Attack

The bread and butter of Weaver, Geminate Attack is a passive ability that provides a second autoattack every time it comes off cooldown- from every six seconds at level one to every three seconds at level four. This basically means that you put out nearly double the dps you would otherwise.

The second attack will chase indefinitely and often results in a secured kill you wouldn't have had otherwise. This ability makes Weaver a lot stronger than he will seem at first glance, and thus we max it second to lower its cooldown and ultimately increase our total dps a lot faster than any other carry!

Time Lapse

Time Lapse is Weaver's ultimate, and is what makes him one of the hardest to pin-down and destroy heroes in the game. Upon use, Weaver teleports back to the position he was in five seconds ago, regaining the health and mana he had at the time. This allows you to turn what was an assured victory against you for the enemy into a turnaround won teamfight, as well as allowing you to escape if you engaged and then realized the decision was unwise.

This should be maxed in the manner you would max any other average hero's ultimate, as upgrading it does naught but lower cooldown and drop the mana cost to 75 and then to 0 at level sixteen!

Understanding the Item Build

Starting Items

Total Price=615 gold

Quite a standard starting build, we start with the Tango for some healing in lane and we take the Ring of Protection, the Slippers of Agility and the Circlet to start building our Ring of Aquila.

20 Minute Mark

Total Price=7150 gold

During the laning phase, you're going to want to finish the Ring of Aquilla first, as it can help with your early game mana issues, then build into the Power Treads and keep them switched to Strength to help with your also small health pool. Finally (and most importantly) you want to build the Linken's Sphere.

In my opinion, the Linken's Sphere is the #1 best item available for Weaver- It boosts his health and mana pools, boosts his regeneration of both, gives him a small damage boost, and blocks a potentially life-ending stun. This means that the item greatly boosts your chances to survive, and ultimately ends up bringing Weaver from an early game annoyance to a completely unstoppable killing machine!

30-35 Minute Mark

Total Price (of new items)9000 gold

Once you have a Linken's Sphere, you'll start gaining gold rapidly if you begin to start ganking almost nonstop, which ultimately does become a good idea for Weaver at this point. You should rush a Desolator, which has an armor debuff which makes most every kill at most 10 autoattacks away, and then follow that up with the Daedalus, further buffing your killing potential.

Options for your Final Slots

Each of these items have their merits for the final slot on a fully built Weaver (two slots if you sell your Ring of Aquila, which is generally a good idea).

is good for when you're absolutely sure you've won the game and like to see the world burn... but, as with most every hero, is the riskiest item in the game most of the time.

are good for the end of the game when you've outlived the usefulness of the Power Treads and just want to reach the enemy base as fast as possible to end the match.

is great for when you want a final bit of tankiness and want to secure your victory without having to return to base for health.

makes you even more slippery than you already are with Shukuchi and Time Lapse and gives you a bit of damage to boot, which makes it a safer option than the Divine Rapier for the last amount of damage you want to be able to destroy enemies like they're lane creeps.

is carried quite well by Weaver, and gives you yet another way to escape death... there's never enough ways to do that, yeah?


Thank you for reading this guide. Any feedback would be appreciated- this is my first guide and I spent a decent amount of time making it as good as I could muster without any sort of outside intervention. I sincerely hope it will aid you in your future endeavors as Weaver!

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