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Swarm them!

November 18, 2011 by dirrwen
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Radiance build

DotA2 Hero: Weaver

Hero Skills

The Swarm


Geminate Attack

Time Lapse

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Swarm them!

November 18, 2011


Herro, this is my Weaver guide O_o Weaver is a very fun hero, whose primary role is to farm early game, get his core, and carry. He is exceptional at weaving in and out of battle, using Shukuchi and Time Lapse, and dishing out great bursts of damage with a damage-stacked Geminate. This guide will cover the two main builds for Weaver- the Radiance build and the Linkens build. Both have their advantages and disadvantages- the main ones being that the Radiance build is pretty hard to farm up and is pretty risky if you can't stay alive, and the Linkens build lacks the damage output of the Radiance build but offers superb stats, regen, and the spell block.


This is where I'll give my explanations of Weaver's abilities, and how to use them. For detailed numbers, go here

-The Swarm is your AoE ability with tons of utility. It gives vision in a huge area, and creates little babies to eat away your enemy's armor, increased theirs, yours, and your teammate's damage on potentially the entire enemy team, if well-placed. We max this second.
-Shukuchi is your bread and butter, it's what makes Weaver the Weaver, it allows him to weave in and out of combat, while also doing a bit of damage. Max move speed is also helpful with chasing. Oh, and it only leaves you visible 2 seconds at a time at max level. Synergies well with Radiance. This is maxed first.
-Geminate Attack is your steroid, it is what allows you to carry, cause honestly your other abilities' damage is negligible. It's a very simple ability, giving you a pseudo crit every 2.5 seconds! That's pretty much every time you come out of Shukuchi late game, so your damage is pretty much doubled. This is maxed last.
-Time Lapse is your ultimate, which doubles as your "oh ****" button. This has a pretty short cooldown at all levels, allowing you to use it pretty much every time you get in deep trouble. Smart usage of this is key to playing Weaver- if you use it too early you will miss it when you really need it, and may even save the enemy. You might also use it too late, and be ported even closer to your enemies, when you want to the least. Memory is the most important thing when playing Weaver to his fullest- always know where you were and what your hp/mana were at ~5 seconds ago in a battle. Surprisingly, this is easy to screw up.


Here I'll cover the two main builds for Weaver- Radiance and Linkens

- Radiance

This is my personal favorite, simply because it gives the most damage output, and with Medallion the Linkens build is just overkill mana regen and not enough damage. Imo, Radiance is just the optimal build.

-Starting items

The starting items can be any mix of the stuff in the toolbox above ^^, just use your brain (in a strategy game? no way!) and adapt your starting items to your expected lane opposition, your lane partner, and your capabilities together.

-Early game items

The Ring gives good mana regen for harassment with Shukuchi, extra damage and armor are always nice, self-explanatory item really. The Wraith bands provide sufficient agility and general stats to last you while you farm up for Radiance. Treads are the boots of choice, since you already have a pseudo (but better) phase with Shukuchi, and you need to be able we weave the stats for that bit of extra hp- Weaver is as squishy as a real cricket! Vanguard is also invaluable for the damage block and hp regen, again, Weaver is super squishy =(

-Core items

Ahh... good ol' Radiance, we're finally together. Seriously, this item is probably the best item on Weaver, the damage helps your Geminate a lot and the burn damage is great for farming and synergies well with Shukuchi. Really the only bad thing about this item is that it's hard to farm up. The Medallion is also an absolute beastly item for Weaver, more mana regen and the armor helps since you're still squishy. The active synergies with your Swarm and Geminate.

Luxury items

These all add either some more damage and/or some more defense, pretty self-explanatory. Although, be sure to turn True Strike off if you get MKB, it messes with your Geminate.


The less optimal, but nonetheless good (otherwise it wouldnt be in my guide ;P) build, this is situationally useful against a team with lots of single target spells, however it is easily countered most of the time. Also, with Medallion, the mana regen is a bit overkill =/ Overall, this build provides some good stats and a good defense base, but not much damage, thus our luxuries will consist of mainly pure damage items after Linkens. I won't go into full detail on the item choices here.

More to come! :P

This is all I got so far... I spent about an hour and a half just typing this up off my head x_x If you have suggestions, gimme. I'll be adding a general gameplay section soon, about your role and what to do. I may even add a "early, mid, late game" phase type thing.. I dunno. If you guys would like anything added, let me know, like a good partners/worst enemies section, picking your lane, FaQ, stuff like that. Enjoy :3

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