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Fat Cat's Grand Magus (Pos 4)

December 17, 2021 by Fatt Catt
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DotA2 Hero: Rubick

Hero Skills


2 12 13 14

Fade Bolt

1 3 5 7

Arcane Supremacy

4 8 9 11

Spell Steal



10 15

Hero Talents

+40% Spell Amplification For Stolen Spells
+400 Telekinesis Land Distance
-4s Telekinesis Cooldown
-5s Fade Bolt Cooldown
-25% Stolen Spell Cooldown
+0.4s Telekinesis Lift/Stun Duration
+12% Fade Bolt Damage Reduction
+150 Telekinesis Landing Damage


Rubick, The grand magus, is the king of casters in this game. Whatever other people cast, Rubick makes it into an perfect incantation and casts it from a miles away. Playing with him is both very entertaining and rewarding. If you want to become as strong as Aghanim himself, read this guide carefully and try to apply it in your games.

By the way,
If you feel like I missed something or some parts need to be changed,
please do leave a comment.

What is my role?

Always keep in mind when playing Rubick, YOU ARE THE Sniper IF HE WAS A SUPPORT.
Never get close unless you have to. In your mind, put a circle around the center of the fight, the radius being your massive cast range. this circle is where you should move on usually. you only go in to catch someone who is trying to escape or to do a combo like blink + Reverse Polarity (magnus's ult).
Other times, you are the combo breaker. you look for high value spells while you keep casting fade bolt. High value spells are not necessarily ultimates. Witch Doctor's cask is a very high value spell in a team fight while a lion's Finger of Death usually is just for stealing kills and pretty useless.
Block enemy's pulling camp in lane with your starting sentry. Makes life a lot easier.


Before going into the guide take a little time and look at items' priorities.
Almost every game you will buy 2-3 first priority items and 1 second priority item.
If you keep them in mind, usually, you can decide your item build in strategy time.
If they have a void and a legion, for example, your first priority items are ather lens and Eul's Scepter of Divinity and your second priority item would be E-blade.
Also ather lens is almost always one of your first priority items.
There is one exception. Enigma makes your aghanim a first priority item.

This should be done right after the bounty fight and it makes you life a lot easier.
Try to find your blocking spot where they usually can't guess with their first sentry.

Telekinesis (Q)

What you have to remember about Telekinesis is that it is a SINGLE USE spell in a team fight due to its long cooldown. so at the beginning of a match think about how you want to use you Q. Should it be used to catch a tricky hero like void spirit? or to cancel a channelling spell like witch doctor's or enigma's ultimate? or to stop Magnus from skewering after a reverse polarity?
Remember you can buy shard to make this a cheap blink or force staff. But if you use it this way then you usually use a stun. Use it in yourself to flee by going uphill or downhill.
After level 10 and out of fights, use it together with Fade Bolt to clear waves. Use it on the melee creep, target it on the whole wave and then fade bolt.
If you enemy team has a lot of blinks and blink buyers, max this before arcane supremacy and after fade bolt.
You can also use it to steal high value spells. A Naga sings a siren's song when you have ather lens? Use telekinesis to prevent her from using mirror shield so you have time to steal the song.
If you are ganking with a hero that does not have stuns, DO NOT USE IT. keep it to cancel the teleport.
Chain stun is game changer. Get a blot from wrath king, telekinesis an enemy and bring them near yourself and then stun them immediately. Chain stuns are most valueable if you can pull them.

Fade Bolt (W)

To clear waves with fade bolt remember these:
If the wave has siege creeps, use fade bolt on the siege creep. If you use it on the melees, you wont kill the range creep. If you use it on the range creep, it won't reach melee creeps.
In lane do not shy to spam it. Best time to use it is when enemy core goes a little back from the wave and near their support. This way your fade bolt only circulates enemy heroes. Keep auto attacking the core to force them to go back to their support then cast a fade bolt. Also use it to secure range creeps and cancel clarity/salve.
Fade bolts can be used to double stack where you attack a camp and fade bolt another one.
Fade bolt should also be used to cancel linken spheres (even if it's Roshan).
Use it immediately when fight starts to use its damage reduction.

Arcane Supremacy (E)

This bad *** passive together with ather lens makes you the sniper. You usually should max it out so you can remain in your comfort zone. Make sure you stay far back and watch the fight carefully. Jakiro's ice path won't catch you while your ice path will stun enemies easily.
Usually guides tell you to buy blink to use this passive to blink and Q to initiate. Only do that if you have no other initiator. Otherwise your job is to counter initiate so don't go in.

Spell Steal (R)

Do not wait for Ulties. Wait for high value spells and aura stuns.
Blinks are also great to steal. You do not need aghanim every game. you go into a fight with a stolen spell, you cast it and steal and cast another one. That should be enough most of the times. If there is a illusion based hero on enemy team, then an aura damage is good to steal and comboed with your fade bolt.

Playing against Heroes

Buy blink, use telekinesis after he uses RP, Steal RP, Blink and use RP then fade bolt.

Rush for aghanim. if he buys linken, fade bolt and steal black hole. If he buys both linken and BKB and you can not cancel his linken before he uses BKB, then just use spell steal twice.

Do not steal from this guy. His tornado and cold snap are great but these are used for setup and he usually immediately casts something after those. Just don't steal from this guy in team fights.

earth Shaker:
Get the fissure not the ult Period.

If you see a pudge rot immediately after hook 1 or 2 times, do not go for the hook. Get the dismember (ULT). Far more efficient with your cast range and if you buy shard you can easily save your teammates.

Buy ethereal and use it on the duelled targets. Steal it and duel enemy to prevent them from escaping.

buy eul, cyclone him in his ult. Steal his ult and use it on other enemies in fights.

Just ban this guy. Other wise buy euls to dispel your silence and steal his arcane curse (Q) and use it to slow enemies. If you have aghanim, steal last word.

Get his morph, morph into strength and but some armor items like lotus.

Do not go near this guy. Stay far and buy a vessel.

Sky wrath:
Get the silence, you don't have enough mana for the ult.


Whatever you get from this guy is great. Just steal from him as much as you can.

Cyclone after call, steal hunger (W).

Bristle back:
You should hate this guy. Ignore him, buy vessel, don't waste any of your spells on him.

Nyx Assassin:
Every sentry you buy is a death prevented. get the ult when you see him under your sentry, go invis and attack enemy supports.

Get the bolt, go deward.

Don't use telekinesis on him unless you see him fart a wet bubble (Q).

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