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Weaver the Splitshooter

February 9, 2013 by Crasher
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Weaver the Splitshooter

DotA2 Hero: Weaver

Hero Skills

The Swarm

2 4 9 12 14


7 13 15 17

Geminate Attack

1 3 5 8 10

Time Lapse

6 11 16



Weaver the Splitshooter

February 9, 2013


This is an Easy "low-Mana" Build for much Kills...
If u play on a Lane with Carry´s like Ursa who has high Damage and Attackrate u can support nearly perfect and still get easy Kills...
The Core Feature on this Build is the E Skill with which u do 2 Attacks at once every 2.5 secs...

Pros / Cons

Pros: High damage
Easy Kills
Not that much Mana necessary

Cons: Low Life


My personal Hints are:

Use the W Skill to Escape from dangerous Situations easily
Use R (Ult) to Towerdive or to win hard Fights
Use your Q Skill to weaken Enemys while keep attacking them... (if they are too fast u can easily keep up with your W


Your Q is a high ranged skill which sends out a swarm of 12 little Beetles which do much damage and are really good to weaken if you are in team fights and/or try to towerdive...

Your W makes you nearly instantly invisible its a good thing to have it early skilled, to escape out of Fights, but i still recommend maxing it out Last...

Your E is a passiv Skill with which u shoot two times at once for every 2,5 secs (maxed), its really nice to have it in the early game because of the high damage output...

Your R (ULT) resets you to the spot you were 5 secs ago to restore your Life and Manapoints to the exact same amount from 5 secs earlier, its quite useful if you are towerdiving or you are in a hard fight and you are getting nearly killed...

Team Work

My personal favourite lane-combinations with Weaver are:

Ursa - Weaver
Spiritbreaker - Weaver
Axe - Weaver
Sandking - Weaver
Troll Warlord - Weaver
and Timbersaw - Weaver

as you might see; nearly every constillation with a tank/supporter/melee is a good combo for Weaver...


His Roles are:
Carry and Escaper

His Bio:

The fabric of creation needs constant care, lest it grow tattered; for when it unravels, whole worlds come undone. It is the work of the Weavers to keep the fabric tight, to repair worn spots in the mesh of reality. They also defend from the things that gnaw and lay their eggs in frayed regions, whose young can quickly devour an entire universe if the Weavers let their attention lapse. Skitskurr was a master Weaver, charged with keeping one small patch of creation tightly woven and unfaded. But the job was not enough to satisfy. It nagged him that the original work of creation all lay in the past; the Loom had done its work and travelled on. He wanted to create rather than merely maintainto weave worlds of his own devising. He began making small changes to his domain, but the thrill of creation proved addictive, and his strokes became bolder, pulling against the pattern that the Loom had woven. The guardians came, with their scissors, and Weaver's world was pared off, snipped from the cosmic tapestry, which they rewove without him in it. Skitskurr found himself alone, apart from his kind, a state that would have been torment for any other Weaver. But Skitskurr rejoiced, for now he was free. Free to create for himself, to begin anew. The raw materials he needed to weave a new reality were all around him. All he had to do was tear apart this old world at the seams.

Character Explanation

Weaver has excellent survivability with Shukuchi and Time Lapse. This means Weaver can safely spend gold on DPS items relatively early in the game. Geminate Attack makes raw damage items very effective on Weaver. (The extra attack does not trigger attack effects, so the benefit of items that provide those effects is not multiplied by Geminate Attack.) Radiance and Monkey King Bar are common choices because they give so much bonus damage. Also, Radiance's Burn Damage complements Shukuchi in two ways: to effectively chase down fleeing heroes with Shukuchi's bonus movement speed, and to deal damage from the safety of Shukuchi's invisibility.

Weaver is vulnerable if disabled, or if enemies have True Sight of him. Linken's Sphere can help to block disables, such as any source of Hex, as well as abilities that give True Sight, such as Slardar's Amplify Damage and Bounty Hunter's Track. Manta style, though unmentioned, provides a reliable means of removing silence, dust, or other status debuffs.

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