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Tiny - Everything is shrinking!

November 20, 2012 by Ornage
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Mid Tiny

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


1 3 5 8


2 4 6 7

Tree Grab

10 12 13 14

Tree Throw

10 12 13 14


9 11 16


15 17 18

Who is Tiny?

Tiny is one of my favorite heroes, he has the ability to gank extremely well in the mid game and becomes a hard hitting initiator later in the game.

- High Burst Damage Gank at lvl 8
- Lots of HP
- Very Durable (His passive is great against any melee hero)
- Transitions into a strong hero late game if played correctly
- Great Base Damage

- Very Slow at the beginning
- Slow Attack Speed
- Toss can be hard to use correctly
*You can throw allies at an enemy by accident (Can be good with heroes like Axe as well)

Early Game

Controlling the middle with Tiny is difficult until you get your bottle, and then boots. The key is to play conservatively without taking much damage and waiting until you are level 8; obviously if you get a good chance, kill your opponent. Focus entirely on last hits, you need your items. Save your mana for situations in which you need to stun to get away. One of the bonuses tiny has in the early game, is his base attack which is one of the highest in the game. If you can whack someone even once, it does significant damage.

After you get the boots and your bottle this is a lot easier, and you might actually pull out a kill. The runes are extremely important, use them to fill your bottle when it's low. They also can help a lot with ganking.

Key Points: Stay Alive, Last Hit Priority, and Get Items; Rune control is also important.

Ganking Time ( Level 8 )

Once you reach level 8, screw the middle, give it to your hard carry who can really use it. You are now a roaming ganker, Its your time to shine. You should at least have a bottle and normal boots. There is a combo that you must learn to use. First use your Q, to stun (make sure you are very close to your opponent), then toss(W) him in the same spot above the rocks. If you do this correctly, he will take damage from your rocks, then take damage from the toss, and then take damage from the rocks again. If you can get some auto-attacks in (remember tiny has a high base damage). You can kill most heroes with this instantly if done correctly except for some of the high hit point strength heroes. Tiny is slow before blink dagger, so positioning is key. Flank, Flank, Flank! You won't be able to catch most heroes, surprise them and use your combo. Can't move when you are stunned or dead.

You should be looking to gank and coordinating attacks all over the map, always carry 1+ TP. They help so much with ganking. Make sure to make good use of the runes and your bottle.

During this stage, you should eventually have mana boots and a blink dagger which make doing the Q,W,Q combo much easier, because you can close the distance instantly.

Post Ganking

After awhile, the Q,W,Q combo becomes less and less effective as the other heroes gain more health. At this point tiny should transition into a late game tank initiator rather than a ganker(still someone of an initiator).

If you had a good mid game, you should have been able to at least get a few parts for the aghanims scepter. The scepter gives you the best cleave in the game and excels at clearing creep waves and doing damage during team fights, remember you are primary an initiator now. Blink in, cause a mess, and cleave away.

After aghanims, you want to trade in your mana boots for some treads which will give you more attack speed, something that tiny lacks, as well as some bonus attributes.

The next item, assault cuirass, continues to solve tiny's attack speed problems as well as benefiting his team.

Very Late Game.

If you haven't won by this point, try to get a butterfly. It even more so helps tiny's attack speed, and most importantly has a 35% evasion, which really helps for an initiator.

By the way, the bottle is nearly worthless by this point, so just sell it.

After that, you can go for the heart of torrasque to beef up tiny even more and give him more damage.

Ultimate Skipping

Why get Tiny's ultimate at level 9?
The reason we skip Tiny's ultimate until lvl 9, is to get the most burst damage as early as possible. This is the same reason we choose toss at level 7 instead of rock throw.

How Tiny can be horrible

Tiny, just like other heroes like Faceless Void with his ultimate, can ruin games.

Be extremely careful when you are tossing, Never throw anyone except for a initiator or tank at opponents unless you know what you are doing, i.e. everyone else is dead and you are chasing down the last hero. Also be careful in clumps during team fights, throwing your carry at someone in a team fight can give the other team the victory.

Do not be aggressive while laning the middle early on. You can die easily without boots and bottle. If you run out of mana, you can no longer safely get last hits. Always have enough for your Q early on.


Thanks for reading my guide, it's my first guide on my favorite hero. Have fun ganking!

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