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Silencer, Of The Glowing Glaives

October 2, 2012 by The Kraken
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Build 1
Build 2

Early Game Harasser & Late Game Nuker

DotA2 Hero: Silencer

Hero Skills

Arcane Curse

1 3 5 7

Glaives of Wisdom

4 6 8

Last Word

2 10 12 14

Global Silence

9 11


13 15 16 17 18

Silencer, Of The Glowing Glaives

The Kraken
October 2, 2012


Silencer is a powerful semi-carry/disabler/support who can harass extremely well early game when laning, and be a dangerous threat to the enemy team later game. He is generally underrated, and not many people play him, so they won't know how to counter his epic set of skills.

Pros & Cons

-He has a good harassing skill
-He has a strong auto-cast spell
-He can collect 3000 gold's worth of intelligence with 7 kills
-He can easily save team mates with his ultimate
-He looks epic and throws glaives :D

-He has relatively low base damage
-He is quite item dependant
-He is quite squishy early game
-His ulti has a stupid mana cost and cooldown

Skill Build

What you want to do with silencer is to allow him to gain an item advantage (this usually means going mid for the gold), and harass your lane opponent so they let you farm in peace. For this reason, you need to max curse of the silent first, as this can deal 400 damage, and waste an enemy's mana pool in one cast. After getting a starting point on the curse, put one on last word to annoy the opponent and get some intelligence if you kill them. After doing this just alternate between Glaives of Wisdom and Curse of the Silent. Your ultimate has too high a mana cost for it to be worth getting it early game, and so wait until you have your main spells maxed first.


Item Build

Side Lane
As silencer you are going to be the object of quite a bit of bullying, and so take a tango to support yourself, and the regulation salve. The iron branches will build into a magic wand, so you dont have to continue buying healing consumables. Phase boots are good as an escape mechanism, as silencer has the normal base move speed of 300. The next item to buy is a mask of madness, as this will improve your ganking potential, and will support you attack speed late game so you can rush enemies with your glaives of wisdom. Finally you will want a scythe of vyse, as you do not actually own a timed disable apart from your ultimate, and so this will provide one. The mana regeneration is also good for sustaining the autocasted second spell, and the intelligence will give you a damage bonus. Then you can buy an orchid to improve your intelligence and general stats, and provide another disable to use along with the scythe.

For mid go for some bracers in stead of the wand as a bottle provides ample hp and mana regen, and so get a couple of these for surviveability. The rest of the build is the standard above.


Silencer is a great hero with an amazing set of skills. Lets raise the awareness of this brilliant character, and hopefully make him a more common sight in public matches :)

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