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November 7, 2012 by DrLovecraft
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Build 1
Build 2

Safe Lane Carry Rockman

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


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Tree Grab

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Tree Throw

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November 7, 2012

Mid or Safelane?

due to Batriders and TAs being so popular, I dont suggest Tiny mid, Tiny doesnt lane that well vs Melee mids and gets utterly destroyed by good laners like TA, Bat, QoP, Invoker etc if theyre competent, he has an insanely high base damage but no armor until you get mid-late game and thus vurnerable to harass

but if played well Tiny mid is one of the most snowballiest heroes that can 1 shot squishy supports/carries until they can get enough HP and by then youre fat from the kills

the current meta favors playing Tiny as a carry though, He gets insane base damage, his only real problem is that he has bad Agi gain which can be fixed by picking wisp (which synergizes with him so well its insane) or getting an AC, with simple items like Drums Phase and Aghs, Tiny can output so much AoE damage and eat towers in a matter of seconds and he can do pretty well early game with sick burst damage and an AoE stun, Tiny is useful at all stages of the game, can burst heroes early game, can outcarry many carries

Carry Tiny

should be put in the safelane with or without a baby sitter but giving Tiny a good start and free farm will allow him control the mid game so much better than other carries, getting a 20 min Aghs Phase Drums will absolutely destroy team fights and allow you to take a tower every pick off

Late game tiny eats towers really fast especially with AC

Blink isnt core with all the movespeed youre getting from Grow Phase and Drums, Manta is also good on tiny as it allows you to push faster and move faster, almost permahaste

with craggy exterior, late game, it will be hard for opposing carries to focus you, you should be able to stand toe to toe against them with your spells and insanely high base damage

Mid Tiny

you have to be very careful about Tiny mid as he is really squishy early game and only amplified by the fact that he doesnt have a good mana pool, a bottle is necessary, its fairly easy to control the runes as Tiny with a instant creep clear combo

you want to gank as much as you can on Mid Tiny as you can 1 shot people early game- early mid game much like pudge but without the range and faster, his initiation range is bad early unless you have teammates to toss but you can be elusive and pop out where they dont expect you to

you should try getting a Blink dagger as soon as you can as it will fix most of your problems catching up to people

late game you should transition into a DPS build as your spells will mostly only be used for their disables

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