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Pro Weaver Guide 5k MMR

January 11, 2015 by HughJainus
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Weaver In and Out

DotA2 Hero: Weaver

Hero Skills

The Swarm

12 13 14 15


2 4 9 10

Geminate Attack

1 3 5 7 8

Time Lapse

6 11 16


17 18

Pro Weaver Guide 5k MMR

January 11, 2015

Early Game

Get Last hits.Watch your surroundings.Try not to take too much hits.The starting items are for a more attributes to sustain and get early last hits.Makes sure to always make your lane mate check for true sight wards.

Mid-Late Game

At this point you can tower dive you just have to make sure you have your ulti available.Wait for your teammate to initiate then aim the back line.In the late game you have a choice of choosing butterfly and heart or two daedalus' and a assault cuirass.

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