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Oracle Support

January 10, 2024 by DotaCoachApp
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Oracle Support

DotA2 Hero: Oracle

Hero Skills

Fortune's End

1 10 13 14

Fate's Edict

4 8 9 16

Purifying Flames

2 3 5 7

False Promise

6 12 18


11 15

Hero Talents

+1.5s False Promise Duration
Instant Fortune's End
+30% Purifying Flames Enemy Damage
-20s False Promise Cooldown
-1s Purifying Flames Cooldown
+60 Enemy Damage/Ally Heal Per Effect Dispelled by Fortune's End
+10 Armor False Promise
+0.5s Fortune's End Duration

Oracle Support

January 10, 2024

Key Strategy

Key strategic elements to consider when playing Oracle

  • Oracle has access to both basic and strong dispel. Look to dispel spells, items and runes that provide buffs or debuffs.
  • You can deny your own creep by nuking it with purifying flames and quickly attacking it afterwards.
  • Oracle has a huge powerspike at level 3 with one point in Fortunes End and two points in Purifying Flames. Combine Purifying Flames followed by Fortunes End and another Purifying Flames before Fortunes End lands on the enemy hero.
  • It is good to carry a Healing Salve to use it on the ally that you save with False Promise.
  • You can channel Fortune`s End on your nearby ally that is teleporting or blinking out and the Fortune`s End will follow that ally.
  • If you expect to be silenced in next 2.5s, you can start channeling Fortune`s End on yourself and as soon as you get silenced you will dispel it instantly with Fortune`s End release.
  • Well timed Fate`s Edict can entirely negate damage the output of heavy magical spells like Reaper`s Scythe, Finger of Death, Bedlam and others.
  • Position yourself outside of the opponents` vision at the start of a teamfight as you are usually the main target.
  • Items like Aether Lens or Blink Dagger allow you to get a timely False Promise off. If you False Promise yourself you can blink out even under attack as you take no damage.
  • You can spam Purifying Flames on one of your allies prior to a fight to provide some extra healing going into the fight.
  • When breaching or defending high ground, put Fates Edict on your front line ally along with a couple of Purifying Flames to protect them.

Main Combo

Main item and ability combo

Purifying Flames => Fortune's End => Purifying Flames

Further Information

You can use this guide in Dota 2 by subscribing on Steam: In-game Guide

Find out more about Oracle on Dota Coach's Heropedia

This guide was written by Hammad: View Gamer Profile

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