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I like Spectre but it seems opponents are trying to go for aggressive early game how?

September 25, 2014 by NiiZomok
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Offlane spectre

DotA2 Hero: Spectre

Hero Skills

Spectral Dagger





1 3 7 8

Shadow Step

6 11 16


2 4 9 10 12 13 14 15 17

I like Spectre but it seems opponents are trying to go for aggressive early game how?

September 25, 2014

Spectre as offlaner

Spectre is one of my favorite heroes. Yes an early Radiance on her is the best item provided u are properly farming care-freely. As you see ur opponents are not gonna let u get ur radiance fast. Why struggle for a late radiance? Spectre is a very strong offensive tanker and this build can work really well with another hard carry in your team. The reason i max out stats is to allow spectre tank abit more as disperse more damage with good attack speed with power threads. Level 1 dagger is sufficient with orb of venom in my opinion as what is focus is team fights.
Early mekansm?
Early ring of regen and 5 branches gives spectre the extra health and regen to stayt in the lane. Start to push tier 1 towers with team the moment u got ur buckle to get a fast mekansm and cores.

Heaven hailberd?
Nice item with alot of Str and evasion to make spectre even tankier and shutting down the opponent's right click hero. Best to get b4 thier carry gets a bkb.

Manta or skadi?
Manta if ur team needs more damage output or your carry is not doing well.
Skadi if your team has lots of damage output then all u need is some hp some attack speed and the buff from skadi is just wonderful to shut down their carry with the attack speed movement speed reduction from skadi and Maim from sange.

Going Blade mail?
No u are suppose to let your opponent hit you instead of avoid hitting you.
Bkb can be an option if disables are eveywhere.

Heart of tar***que
Reaching the 4k hp spectre.

Assault (AC) (preferred after hearts)
Minus armor debuff and armor attack speed is perfect for team fights.
Armor stack with mekansm and your massive healthpool makes u a perfect vanguard of fights.

Late game
My opponents are not focusing on me because im too tank in wars.
Then build some dps build and be a semi carry to help your team do some more damage.
Radiance or butterfly wlll be a good choice.

Of cousrse this build is good when your teamwork is good. Get a radiance early if u are farming well and ignore all these. If your team can keep u alive go for drums phase diffusal build if u like. This build is for spectre shut down in lanes, giving u the presence in fights early.

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