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I can't hear you - Carry for pubs

February 21, 2013 by Furglings
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DotA2 Hero: Silencer

Hero Skills

Arcane Curse

1 3 5 7

Glaives of Wisdom

4 10 12 13

Last Word

2 8 9 11

Global Silence

6 14 16


15 17 18

I can't hear you - Carry for pubs

February 21, 2013


This will be a fairly short guide that is for those who want to improve their skills with the Silencer in pubgames. This won't work as well in games that involve a lot of strategy as the Silencer is rather squishy.

Pros / Cons


  • Extreme damage
  • Permanent int steal
  • Global Silence
  • Mana drain and other silences
  • Can still help team if farm fails

  • Squishy
  • Useless if silenced
  • Costs a lot of mana to deal damage
  • No direct damage spells


You want to max out Curse of the Silent as fast as possible. It will drain your opponents mana as well as their health. Unless they cast a spell, which often will take even more mana. This spell will allow you to survive longer in lane as they can't use their spells as freely. It also has quite the range which allows you to hit with it rather easily.

Last Word works well as a pure damage spell with a delay but it has some neat effects. If the target casts a spell during its active time they will take damage and be silenced. If they don't they will take the damage, get silenced and disarmed. As this spell has long range, use it to get targets on low health running away.

Glaives of Wisdom is the spell that will allow you to carry. For every enemy hero that is killed in your vicinity you will permanently steal 2 intellect from them. When used (can be set to auto-cast) you will deal a percentage of your intellect as damage. So the more you kill, the more you damage.

Global Silence is the most boring skill you have. It is useful when trying to help out a fight on the other side of the map but it takes a ton of mana, making it rather useless on lower levels.


  • Ring of Basilus - It will give the early lane sustainability, allowing you to cast spells more frequently.
  • Power Treads - They will give you attack speed, movement speed and intellect. I always go with the intellect ones as they will increase your damage through stats and Glaives of Wisdom.
  • Orchid Malevolence - With the 25% damage increase and a 5 second silence you will be even more dangerous. Will also help a lot in teamfights when you have a priority target.
  • Rod of Atos - This item will give you some extra health that is needed as well as a good slow. The slow has quite long range, slow percent and last for 4 seconds which will allow you to get away or chase most enemy heroes.
  • Shiva's Guard - Gives you the extra armor needed to survive and will allow you to use Blade Mail more effectively. It has an active AOE slow that also deals damage. A good item to use in teamfights, will also give you even more int.
  • Blade Mail - Depending on if the enemy team will focus you or other heroes you can get this before Rod of Atos. Eventually they will realize that you are the threat and will start focusing you.

When, what and how?

Early game

Early on you want to focus on getting last hits. Once you hit level 3 you can start using Curse of the Silent to keep the enemy heroes low on mana. You should be able to keep most enemy heroes away from your lane by constantly using Curse of the Silent, but you don't want to do that. Instead you want to keep them around half health so you can engage and get the kill. If the enemy heroes are low on mana you can use both Curse of the Silent and Last Word on them and they will drop together with a few auto-attacks.

You want to stay in lane until level 7. Once you get rank 4 of Curse of the Silent you can roam and gank if needed, or stay in lane and keep farming.

Mid game

At this point you want to start getting kills and stack up some intellect. This will require you to either force early teamfights through pushing or roam and gank. Ganking is the best way to get this if they don't have wards. You will also be quite stompy in 1v1 scenarios with silencing, 25% damage increase from Orchid and Glaives of Wisdom.

In teamfights or 3v2 ganks, when engaging use your Global Silence to gain to control the start of the fight. Then follow up with Orchid on whatever target can cause most damage or stun (warlock, void etc.)

Late game

By now you should have around 30-40 intellect stolen which will result in you being able to deal a ton of damage. You should still use your spells as Curse of the Silent will deal good AOE damage. Last Word is an effective silence as well.

Your role during the late game will be that of a carry. If done correctly a dangerous carry. You can keep your enemies from casting spells while dealing high amounts of damage. You will also have a good slow through Rod of Atos which will allow you to chase and escape.


I would consider myself bronze league scum but during the pubgames I've played this method have been successful. One reason have been that they don't expect the silencer to carry. Another have been that you can deal a ton of damage before they can fire of a single spell.

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