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All in one, the Ultimate juggernaut Build, to Counter Any hero

November 15, 2023 by FaihtfulArcanist
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DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

Hero Skills

Blade Fury

1 3 5 7

Healing Ward

4 13 14 16

Blade Dance

2 8 9 11


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+1s Omnislash Duration
+2 Healing Wards Hits to Kill
-3s Blade Fury Cooldown
+60% Blade Dance lifesteal
+30 Movement Speed During Blade Fury
-20s Healing Ward Cooldown
+150 Healing Ward Radius
+10% Blade Dance Crit Damage

All in one, the Ultimate juggernaut Build, to Counter Any hero

November 15, 2023

juggernaut core build

hello and welcome to to this guide:

in this tutorial I will try to teach you how to play as juggernaut in a different way than usual.

I'll divide this build into 3 categories for different scenarios that u might encounter. you don't have to worry if u come across a group of heroes that are unique and might counter your build, trust me and I will not let you down .

now without further ado lets jump right in.

Abilities , tips, counters and so on....

• Blade Fury
This ability is your priority pic in the game as it both Damages the enemies magically and can also dispel any root like abilities(expect for some ultimate). As well as help you to clear creeps way faster than other heroes early on.

timing this ability is very important. Knowing what ability other heroes have and using your ability to nullify their effects as well as chasing them for the kill is the basic juggernaut play . this ability early on is upper high damaging and can deplete 50-70% of enemy health bar .

• Healing Ward
Being able to heal tremendous amount of hp both early and late game to you everyone present is extremely helpful and can sometimes be the key ingredient in surviving team fights.

This ability has a drawback as it offers 75 gold & EXP to the enemy that destroys it. So must take care and never use this openly and try to hide the ward among the trees.

• Blade Dance
The very skill that makes this hero a carry in my opinion matched perfectly with jugger’s HIGH ATTACK SPEED . makes this ability very powerful even at early game not all heroes can match juggers aggressiveness. Later as u pick your talent 20 this ability will be enhanced and make jugger tankier and harder to kill.


between dance and ward one must choose which one to ax out first, some might even consider maxing out ward before fury however I wouldn’t recommend that .after fury I would recommend max out the dance since it increases your crit chance and helps you at farming an killing heroes.

• Omni Slash
The one ability that makes this hero truly frightening “invulnerability +high damage +t racking +attack speed + item use”
BROKEN wouldn’t be an understatement for this ability if not for some items and hero abilities in the game that can neutralize it :

this ability is weak against items and abilities mentioned bellow and the counter measure is also suggested:
Manta style : counter item = nullifier
Eul’s scepter : counter item = nullifier
Ghost scepter : counter item = nullifier

Shadow blade : counter items = dust , sentry ward
Glimmer Cape : counter items = dust , sentry ward , nullifier
Trickster cloak : counter items = dust , sentry ward
wind run / wind runner : counter items = Monkey King Bar
Ball Lightning / storm spirit : counter item = nullifier
Fire remnant & Sleight of fist / ember spirit : counter item = nullifier
Enchant remnant / earth spirit : nullifier
Clones / Brew master : counter item = nullifier
Dissimilate & Astral Step / void spirit : nullifier
Ghost Shroud & Death seeker / necrophos : nullifier
Shadow realm / dark willow : nullifier
Waning Rift / puck : nullifier
Blink /Anti mage & Queen Of pain : nullifier
Ghost walk / invoker : nullifier , dust , sentry ward
Demonic Purge / shadow demon : nullifier
Nightmare / Bane Elemental : nullifier
Skeleton walk / Clinkz : nullifier , dust, sentry ward
Time Walk / Faceless Void : nullifier
Infest / life stealer : nullifier
MANA SHIELD / MEDUSA : diffusal blade + manta style
Leap & moonlight shadow/ Mirana : nullifier , diffusal blade , dust, sentry ward
Wave form / Morphling : nullifier
The calling & Pierce the Veil / Muerta : nullifier
Mirror Image & Song of the siren /Naga Siren : nullifier
Vendetta & Burrow /nyx assassin : nullifier , dust , sentry ward
Guardian Angel / Omni knight : nullifier
False Promise / Oracle : nullifier
Astral imprisonment / Outworld Destroyer : nullifier
Swashbuckler , rolling Thunder / Pangolier : nullifier
Doppelganger / Phantom Lancer : nullifier , manta style + basher
Decrepify / Pugna : nullifier
Blink Strike & tricks of the Trade & Cloak And Dagger/ Riki : nullifier
Burrow strike & Sandstorm / Sand King : nullifier , dust, sentry ward
Shadow Dance & Depth Shroud / Slark : nullifier
Meld , refraction /Templar assassin : nullifier , dust , sentry ward
SnowBall / Tusk : nullifier
Battle Trance / troll Warlord : nullifier
Enrage & Earth Shock / ursa : nullifier
Shukuchi & Timelapse / Weaver : nullifier, dust, sentry ward
Voodoo Switcheroo / Witch doctor : nullifier

As you can see from the list above it can be taken that nullifier becomes your priority to deal with the heroes above and their annoying skills . therefore when u pick juggernaut as your hero take note if any of the following heroes are present or not and put nullifier as your primary objective after your 1st main item.

NOTE 2 :
The omni slash multiplies your current attack speed by 1.5 and adds 30/40/50 bonus damage to your attacks , this ability is physical . there fore the item setups for this ability must include :
a) bonus damage (lightning/bash/monkey king bar/mana eater)
b)raw physical damage
c)attack speed

here’s what you should do if you are up against heroes with high armor like timber then go for bonus set up which is A + C type items that I will recommend later on.

And if you’re up against heroes with high magic damage go for B + C setup

But in both case you must include the attack speed and damage in your build meaning agility based items are your friends such as :


About boots : after patch 7.33 ( I believe) melee heroes have more move speed than range heroes at night time . so catching up to the enemy wouldn’t be that difficult also since your ultimate is based on your current attack speed YOU CAN NOT give up the treads. The phase boots for juggernaut is a waste atm.

• Swift Slash
THIS ABILITY IS ADDED BY buying AGHANIM SCEPTER which allow you to perform 1 sec omni slash which the cooldown of 20 sec and is ideal to clear heroes with low hp such as supports and also serves as a bait to make heroes use their counter items that they built up against your ultimate (ghost scepter, eul’s , ….)

This item is absolutely necessary for your hero , I would place this item priority after buying the blink dagger as I show bellow in the clip Both the usage of blink and AGHANIM scepter.

Note 3: abilities and items to look out for )

ATM there are two occasions you have to be careful when using your ultimate

A: when anti-mage uses his counter ability

B: when enemy has lotus orb

both times , if you were to use your ultimate the ability will be nullified, ATM I haven't been able to counter this setup since both of these (skills, items) will not be removed by nullifier.( further testing is needed)

Counter Strategies :

I-Chaos Knight , Phantom Lancer , manta Style , arc warden+ manta style , Naga siren :

Countering the illusion Heroes is done with the following combination :

1-battle fury (make this first to help u farm faster and deal 70% cleave damage to phantoms)

2- Aghanim Shard (this upgrade is essential for your 1st ability as it adds 75% of your melee damage and all melee modifiers to your ability , allowing you to kill phantoms faster.

3-mjolnir (this item along with shard and fury is a complete set against multiple opponents as your dance with the fury u hit everyone if you have bought the shard. and the number of phantoms increase the proc chance of lightning bolts to accrue)

4- Butterfly , Elven tunic (makes you more durable and harder to kill)

4-Monkey king Bar ( in many cases illusion heroes tend to purchase butterfly themselves to make it it impossible to trade with them, buy MKB allows you to get your hits at the opponent.

5-stanic, paladin's sword , vampire embrace, mask of madness

life steal allows you more survivability in fight.


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