April 17, 2021

Soul Canister

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Recipe: Spirit Vessel + Soul Booster + Recipe (1660).
Total Gold required: 7500.

Unique Passive: Soul Snatch:

When used against enemies, it banishes the target for 3 seconds, while reduces their health by 3% of their maximum HP and 2% maximum mana, and reduces HP regeneration, healing, lifesteal and spell lifesteal by 50%. Deals 50 damages per second.

When used on allies, it makes the target ally untargetable for 3 seconds, while amplifies their HP regen, lifesteal and spell lifesteal by 30%. Provides 60 health regeneration per second.

Last 10 seconds. 1000 cast range.

Gains charges when every time an enemy hero dies within 1500 units. Only the closest Soul Canister to the dying hero will gain a charge. Does not stack with spirit vessel or urn of shadows. Automatically gains a charge every 1 minute.

"A powerful artifact used to bind a celestial being with the cost of the user's own soul."